National Rescue Dog Day

Here at Tiny Dog, we believe every dog deserves a loving forever home. We urge you to start your adoption journey with our friends at WeRescue.

Today is all about raising awareness for the countless dogs in shelters who have so much love, support, and companionship to share.   That’s why we’re partnering with WeRescue, an app and website that connects you to the perfect pup and simplifies the pet adoption process.  

3 Simple Steps to Dog Adoption

  1. Start your search with werescue, select from 70+ filters such as breed, age, activity level, location, and more.
  2. Contact the Shelter. Ask questions or send a meet-and-greet request directly through WeRescue.
  3. Welcome your Dog! As they adjust to their new life, offer chew toys to help alleviate stress and teach healthy chewing habits.
  4. Search our Dog Toys for all kinds of chewable products for your new pet!

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