A Little Story About How the Name Tiny Dog Came to Be

Mistake #1

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who desperately wanted a dog. The mom being the good mom, she agreed. They went to the shelter to find one and over in a corner was this little scrawny pup. After mom asked how big he would get and being reassured he wouldn’t be over 35-40lbs, they took him home and the little boy decided to keep the name given to this pup by the shelter (and about 10 other names). The shelter had named him Rascal. Mistake #1.

Mistake #2

After being home for a few weeks and having gone through the deworming process Rascal began to grow, and grow, and grow. This “Tiny Dog” was hitting his stride. His paws were a glimpse into his future size at this point and it was alarming. At his one-year mark, he was topping out at 90 lbs. and living up to his name.

Thinking he could be contained with an electric dog fence that you bury, the attempt to contain him failed. Mistake #2. Didn’t even phase him. Solution: Dog Kennel inside the house.

Mistake #3

Not only did he get out of the chain link dog kennel, but he proceeded to destroy the basement area. Only when a chain link fence was installed in the backyard did that seem to alleviate some of his issues. He was very much a dog unchained.

Mistake #4

The digging starts. This dog ended up being a mix of Black Mouth Cur and Pitbull. Never aggressive unless you didn’t want to pet him, and a tongue like a giraffe, I’ve got the pictures of it on my face to prove it.

The Solution

At this point, mom is wondering how to keep this dog and still have a house left. Insert female dog, Gracie, a spitz mix of some sort. Seems he just wanted a buddy. From that day forward he was a model dog after Gracie decided she’d had enough of his advances and pinned him to the ground, all 30 lbs. of her, teeth gnashing, and giving a bark I had never heard before. Rascal was topping 110lbs, he’d never heard it before either and promptly stopped, everything (maybe even breathing)!

Rascal & Gracie

These two are part of the reason why we decided to name our company Tiny Dog with a picture of Rascal in it. We sincerely hope to be a part of your pet parent journey through our store here at Tiny Dog Pet Supplies. We’ve had challenging time with pets so we can help you navigate through enriching your pets life and hope our little store can make your life with your pet, just a little bit better.

-Myra & Kevin

Tiny Dog, LLC Online Pet Supply Store

Our Mission

Our Job #1 is to make your pet’s lives better. From day one our team brings together the finest items to create something extraordinary for you and your pets. All our products are developed with a complete dedication to quality, durability, and functionality. Our mission is to offer the best products at great bargains and provide the most incredible customer service possible. We are a US-based woman and veteran-owned small business. Welcome to Tiny Dog. Welcome to our pack.