Zilla Tropical Vertical Reptile Cage Kit 12″ x 12″ x 18″


The Tropical Vertical Kit is a tall reptile cage specifically designed for arboreal animals that live in trees – the ideal environment for small tropical reptiles and amphibians such as tree frogs, crested geckos and more.

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The bottom of the terrarium is also capable of holding water and the textured, background décor piece, substrate and feeding dish are included. The Mini Halogen Dome with light bulb, also inside, is the perfect compact size for this vertical reptile terrarium as it provides pinpointed light and heat and is more efficient than a standard incandescent light bulb. To help keep your critter safe and secure, the front door of the reptile tank has a locking latch and locking pin for added security. The top is also hinged, providing access from both the front and top. The Humidity/Temperature Gauge allows for a quick and easy read on the environment parameters to ensure they are at the right levels. Simply add additional decor and climbing surfaces to complete the overall environment. Kit includes: Glass Terrarium holds up to 5″ of water, Textured Background, Front Opening Glass Door, Front Locking Latch, Locking Pin, Hinged Screen Top, Mini Halogen Dome, Mini Halogen Bulb, Feeding Dish, Coconut Husk Bedding, Humidity/Temperature Gauge, and Setup Guide. Glass bottom holds up to 5″ of water Always provide a temperature gradient for reptiles where they can bask in the heat and then move to other covered areas to cool down Ideal for: tree frogs, crested geckos and more Not recommended for iguanas, monitors or large sized reptiles and lizards Does not include UVB lighting which may be required for some reptiles



Weight 20.75 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 16 in



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