Four Paws Smart Design Folding Freestanding Gate 5 Panel Beige 48″ – 110″ x 1″ x 17″


Contain your small pet and still allow easy movement from room to room.

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Four Paws 5-Panel Folding Gate is designed to contain your small pet in one area, while allowing family members to easily move from room to room by simply stepping over the gate. Featuring a stylish natural wood design, this gate sets up in seconds and collapses for easy storage- no tools or assembly required! The versatile 5-Panel Folding Gate is freestanding and easily expands from 48″ to 110″ wide, so it can be moved from room to room and made to fit small to large openings.


Four Paws

Weight 10.03 lbs
Dimensions 24.8 × 17.72 × 4.13 in