Pet Sitter Freestanding Pet Gate Plus


Dual-functionality allows this pet gate to be used as both tension mount or freestanding gate!

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Pet Sitter Freestanding Gate Plus can be used in two ways, as a freestanding or a tension-mount gate. The gate is low enough for you to step-over and light enough to move from room to room. A built in lockable door can be used for smaller pets. Designed to fit doorway or hallway openings from 39.8″ to 59.8″ wide (Freestanding gate) or 39.4″ to 61.8″ wide (Tension mount gate) Walk-through door opening is 9.8″ wide 1.25″ space between wire slats Recommended for dogs 6.6 – 17.6 lbs. Includes Side Panels to prevent a pet from entering from the sides (when used as a freestanding gate)






Autumn Matte


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