Bear Bear Pet Nest and Go Pet Bed and Carrier Gray 24″ x 23″ x 16″


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What if a pet could have a secure place to call home, then when it’s time to go the sides simply (quickly) flip up and the pet is already in its carrier- a place that is comforting and where the pet feels at home? Nest and Go has handles on the top, seatbelt restraint hoops at the front and rear, and for cats a waste tray that’s hidden under the pillow and doubles as support. The waste tray is removable as a stand-alone litter pan with a built-in litter scoop; when you get where you are going remove the tray and fill it with locally sourced litter. When it’s time to go simply dump out the litter and place the pan back under the pillow for the next stop traveling in high style. For other pets, the removable tray functions as a secondary liquid barrier in the event of an accident/spill. Super soft, comfortable pet bed with washable pillow and high-quality fabric selected for style, strength and easy cleaning. Adjustable sides creates a secure and stylish carrier. Ideal for carrying pets of 20 pounds and less. Removable waste tray is made from flexible LDPE plastic safe for litter. Waste tray hidden under the pillow also doubles as liquid barrier/ support.


Dimensions Fully Opened – 24″” x 23″” x 6.7″”
Dimensions Fully Closed – 24″” x 23″” x 16″”
Tray Dimensions – 24″” x 23″” x 5″”
Max carry weight – 20 lbs.
Super soft, comfortable pet bed with washable pillow.
Clasps (6) are designed to be strong and easy to open/close ensuring your pet is safe and secure.
Handles are securely bolted into the Nest & Go frame for extra strength.


Bear Bear Pet

Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 23 × 6.7 in