Splitter Cable for Charging Dog Collar and Remote simultaneously


This Battery Charger Y Splitter allows you to charge your transmitter and receiver at the same time.

  • Free Standard Over $75
  • Free Express over $150

Works with the following Dogtra Dog Training Collars: 175NCP (Serial Number less than 103471), 200NCP (Serial Number less than 111361), 202NCP (Serial Number less than 101961)/plus 3-3 splitter, 1800NC (Serial Number less than 100121), 1802NC (Serial Number less than 100101)/plus 3-3 splitter, 1803NC (Serial Number less than 100101)/plus a 3-3 splitter, and 1804NC (Serial Number less than 100126)/plus (2) 3-3 splitters. Black 5mm female and two yellow 3mm male connectors.






Black / Yellow


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