Zoo Med 40 Watt Nano Basking Spot Lamp


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Zoo Med 40 Watt Nano Basking Spot Lamp

The Zoo Med 40 Watt Nano Basking Spot Lamp is specially designed for smaller terrarium setups, catering to the needs of reptiles, amphibians, and other terrarium inhabitants that require a localized heat source. This compact bulb delivers a concentrated heat spot, mimicking the warm sunlight patches that these animals would naturally bask under in the wild. Its unique design ensures that the temperature gradient in the terrarium remains appropriate for the health and comfort of the animal. By emitting intense, focused light and heat, it provides reptiles with the necessary UV rays they need for thermoregulation and to metabolize essential vitamins. Using the Zoo Med Nano Basking Spot Lamp is an effective way to create an optimal environment for smaller terrarium pets, promoting their overall well-being and natural behaviors.

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 2.00 × 8.00 × 9.00 in

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