Zoo Med Bird Banquet Small Block Fruit Formula


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Zoo Med Bird Banquet Block Fruit Formula

The Zoo Med Bird Banquet Block Fruit Formula is an innovative approach to bird nutrition and enrichment, designed to provide pet birds with essential minerals and an engaging activity simultaneously. Crafted with a blend of real fruit, calcium, and other vital nutrients, this block serves as both a dietary supplement and a beak conditioner. As birds naturally peck and gnaw at the block, they not only ingest beneficial nutrients but also get a chance to exercise their beaks, which helps in preventing overgrowth. The inclusion of fruit flavors ensures that birds are attracted to the block and remain engaged, adding variety to their daily routine. By integrating nutrition with natural behaviors, the Zoo Med Bird Banquet Block Fruit Formula offers a holistic solution to bird care, ensuring health, well-being, and entertainment for our avian companions.

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Dimensions 3.50 × 3.50 × 6.50 in

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