Zoo-max Jumpy Bird Toy (12in L x 4.5in W)


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Zoo-Max Jumpy Bird Toy – Small

Zoo-Max Jumpy Bird Toy” is a vibrant and engaging accessory designed to stimulate and entertain our avian companions. Specifically crafted to cater to the playful nature of birds, this toy combines an array of colors, textures, and movable parts to captivate their attention and encourage active play. Made with bird-safe materials, the Jumpy Bird Toy offers a safe avenue for birds to explore, nibble, and manipulate, promoting mental stimulation and preventing boredom. For bird owners looking to enrich the living environment of their pets, this toy serves as a valuable addition to their cage setup. The “Zoo-Max Jumpy Bird Toy” for sale promises not only hours of entertainment for the birds but also provides owners the joy of watching their feathered friends in their most lively and interactive moments.

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 0.50 × 0.50 in





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