Marineland Bio Wheel Power Filter – Penguin 350B (350gph-75 Gallon Tank)


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Marineland Bio Wheel Power Filter – Penguin 350

The Marineland Bio Wheel Power Filter Penguin 350 is a reliable and efficient filtration system designed to maintain the water quality of aquariums. Created by Marineland, a well-known brand in aquatic equipment, this filter combines mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration to ensure a clean and healthy aquatic environment for your fish and other aquatic inhabitants.

The Penguin 350 filter features a Bio-Wheel technology that enhances the biological filtration process by providing a habitat for beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help break down harmful ammonia and nitrite, converting them into less harmful compounds, ultimately creating a balanced and stable ecosystem. The mechanical filter media captures debris and particles from the water, while the included carbon filter removes impurities and odors.

With a flow rate suitable for tanks up to 75 gallons, the Penguin 350 filter is powerful enough to provide efficient filtration for larger aquariums. Its easy-to-maintain design includes an easy-access door for changing filter media and a reliable self-priming feature for quick start-up after maintenance.

The Marineland Bio Wheel Power Filter Penguin 350 is a versatile and essential tool for maintaining the health and clarity of your aquarium water, ensuring a thriving aquatic environment for your fish and aquatic plants.

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 11.50 × 3.88 × 1.50 in





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