Fluval Bug Bites Pleco Formula Sticks For Medium-Large Fish (4.59 Oz)


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Fluval Bug Bites Pleco Formula Sticks for Medium-Large Fish

Fluval Bug Bites Pleco Formula Sticks are a uniquely crafted nutritional offering designed especially for medium to large plecostomus and other herbivorous fish. Recognizing the varied dietary needs of these bottom dwellers, Fluval has centered its formula around ‘Black Soldier Fly Larvae’ – a protein-rich ingredient that is not only sustainably harvested but is also extremely palatable to fish. To complement the protein, these sticks are enriched with various essential nutrients and fortified with a mix of high-quality greens, ensuring that the herbivorous needs of Plecos are adequately met. The formula promotes healthy skin, scales, and fins, and also supports optimal growth and vitality. With a sinking design, these sticks cater to the natural bottom-feeding behavior of Plecos. Free from artificial fillers, colors, and preservatives, Fluval Bug Bites offer a nutritional profile that closely mirrors the natural diet of fish in the wild, making it an ideal choice for aquarists seeking a balanced and natural diet for their aquatic pets.

Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 6.00 × 13.50 in





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