Exo Terra Screen Terrarium – Large X-Tall (36″ X 18″ X 36″)


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Large Exo-Terra Screen Terrarium 36x18x36

The Large Exo-Terra Screen Terrarium with dimensions of 36x18x36 inches is a spacious and well-designed habitat specially created for various reptiles and amphibians. Crafted by Exo-Terra, a trusted brand in herpetoculture, this terrarium features a durable metal screen construction that provides excellent ventilation and ensures proper air circulation for your pets. The size of 36x18x36 inches offers ample space for creating a comfortable and naturalistic environment for your reptile or amphibian. The terrarium’s front-opening doors facilitate easy access for cleaning, feeding, and handling your pets. The spacious dimensions also allow for the incorporation of branches, foliage, and other decorations to mimic their native habitats. Whether you’re housing tree-dwelling reptiles or semi-aquatic species, the Large Exo-Terra Screen Terrarium offers a secure, well-ventilated, and visually appealing enclosure that contributes to the health and happiness of your herpetological companions.

Weight 10.10 lbs
Dimensions 30.75 × 20.75 × 20.63 in





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