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I don’t talk about my personal life often, but I feel a need to now.

I try to look at the world through the eyes of my dog. It’s hard sometimes when you run out of money before running out of month, an often-used phrase in the military. If that experience taught me anything, it’s if keep your head down, motor on, and don’t quit, you’ll get to the finish line.

I think that’s how my dog thinks when I’m gone, I’ll get through this, head down, motor on.

If anything, celebrating the countries birthday, the one I’ve shed, blood, sweat, and tears for, should be reason enough to celebrate, but for me and my brothers and sisters battling PTSD daily, I think of it like my dog does.

I just look at him sitting on my arm imagine him asking me when will the fireworks be over. As I type this week, I think my response to him will be, when we cross the finish line buddy!

My head is down and my motor is ON. SINGING actually, at full tilt. ALL ABOARD. This sled dog is starting to pull.

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